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CERAMICS - When you heat certain ceramics, they produce far-infrared heat. Ceramics also heat up fast and maintain even heat distribution.

FAR-INFRARED HEAT - Hair is porous, so water gets into it. Heat that works on the surface takes time to evaporate the water and can damage the cuticle layer. Most far-infrared heat is absorbed- not reflected- so it penetrates the hair quickly to heat from the inside out. This not only allows faster drying, but it also minimizes cuticle damage.

NEGATIVE IONS - They split or electrolyze water molecules, causing them to penetrate deeply and moisturize the hair but evaporate faster. They're also attracted to positive ions along the cuticle, nuetralizing them and causing the cuticle to close smoothly. This is what locks in moisture and hair color and makes hair look healthy and shiny.

TOURMALINE - When heated, this gemstone produces more negative ions than any other substance, as well as far-infrared heat. Put ceramics, far-infrared heat, negative ions and tourmaline together and you've got fast even heat, which is important to stylists. You also get speedy drying time and less damage.

NANO TECHNOLOGY - When elements are broken down into microscopic bits, they take on new properties and benefits. Silver becomes highly antimicrobial, killing bacteria and germs. However, the silver must come in physical contact with a surface so it's best use in tools is on the outer surface and the housing, where it can help kill germs on hands. It's most important to professional stylists, who use their tools on many clients and may share them in the salon.

PTFC HEATER - Created by NASA specifically for the critical demands of the aerospace industry, PTFC heaters are rare, unique and costly to produce. Designed to quickly and predictably control temperature, PTFC heaters are actually multi-wafer thin layers of pure ceramic plates. They are computer designed for precision heat control and manufactured under strict lab conditions. The PTFC heater is the most efficient heater on the market to day producing the most amounts of infrared (FIR) rays helping to drastically reduce cold spots and recovery times

ACLI PLUG - Mainly used for Hair Dryers, this is a safety feature that will render a product inoperable under some abnormal conditions, such as immersion in water.

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