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Hai Tong
The 2" crescent moon shape of the HAI elite Tong makes it ideal for creating circular smooth shapes, flipping hair up and under as well as creating waves and alternating curls on medium to long hair.

The unique 2" W x 3 1/2" L ceramic plates on the HAI elite Tong make styling a breeze. Uniquely designed with low EMF (Electro Magnetic Field), built with Optimum Resonant Materials, infused with Far Infrared Heating and charged with MEGA Ions, this ceramic styling tool promises to leave hair soft, silky, and smooth. Featuring an extended cord length, built-in surface protector and ergonomic non-slip grip, this newly shaped styling tool is the epitome of beauty, grace and individuality. The Tong is preset at 170 degrees, and adjusts up to 380 degrees F for thick or coarse hair.

Product Features:

Adjustable digital heat settings from 180 degrees F. to

380 degrees F.

Far infrared flash heating from 5 seconds

Low EMF (Electro Magnetic Field)

Made with Optimum Resonant Materials (O.R.M.)

Ergonomic non-slip grip

Positive/Negative Ion-producing technology

Extended cord with 360 degree swivel

3 Year Warranty

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